W1S1 [ˈkærıktə US -ər] n
1¦(all somebody's qualities)¦
3¦(qualities of something)¦
4¦(moral strength)¦
5¦(interesting quality)¦
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: caractere, from Latin character 'mark, particular quality', from Greek, from charassein 'to make a mark in a surface']
1.) ¦(ALL SOMEBODY'S QUALITIES)¦ [C usually singular]
the particular combination of qualities that makes someone a particular type of person
He has a cheerful but quiet character.
Children grow up with a mixture of character traits (=character qualities) from both sides of their family.
his temper and other character flaws (=bad qualities)
in character/out of character
(=typical or untypical of someone's character)
He swore, which was out of character for him.
the English/French etc character
Openness is at the heart of the American character.
character sketch
(=a description of someone's character)
2.) ¦(PERSON)¦
a) a person in a book, play, film etc
Candida is the most interesting character in the play.
main/central character
In the story, the main character has left his girlfriend and baby.
Everyone recognizes Disney's cartoon characters .
b) a person of a particular type, especially a strange or dishonest one
a couple of shady characters standing on the corner
I'm considered a reformed character these days (=someone who has stopped doing bad things) .
c) an interesting and unusual person
Linda was something of a character.
3.) ¦(QUALITIES OF SOMETHING)¦ [singular,U]
the particular combination of features and qualities that makes a thing or place different from all others
= ↑nature character of
The whole character of the school has changed.
the unspoilt character of the coast
in character
The southern state became more nationalist in character.
a combination of qualities such as courage, loyalty, and honesty that are admired and regarded as valuable
a woman of great character
Schools were created to teach reading and mathematics, not moral character.
It takes strength of character to admit you are wrong.
outdoor programs that are meant to be character building (=develop good moral qualities)
a quality that makes someone or something special and interesting
a red wine with a meaty character
suburban houses that lack character
6.) ¦(REPUTATION)¦[U] formal
the opinion that people have about whether you are a good person and can be trusted
a man of previous good character
The campaign was accused of character assassination (=an unfair attack on someone's character) because of its negative ads.
His defence called several people as character witnesses (=people who think that someone has a good character) .
Mr Wetherby wrote him a character reference (=a statement about his good qualities) .
a letter, mark, or sign used in writing, printing, or on a computer
the Chinese character for horse

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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